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Guenter Geiger wrote:

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> >Guenter  (et al) -
> >I tried all recent pd's for MIDI on my RedHat5.1/OSS system:
> >23-4 seg faults on MIDI out, only 23-4 BUT
> >it seems I lost all MIDI function back at pd 23-1 !
> Does this mean, 0.23-1 works, and 0.23-2 and 0.23-3 don´t, and finally
0.23-4 segfaults (getting worse :)).

No, 22-4 -> all MIDI worked, 23-1->no MIDI worked, 23-4->seg.fault on
MIDI out.

> How does this ineffectiveness show itself ?

PD connects to MIDI port, all audio is fine, but in any 23 release, I do
not have MIDI (although it appears to connect), and in the lastest
release, MIID output cause immediate seg fault.

> The step from pd-0.22 to pd-0.23 was rather big, but probably only
Miller and Mark can shed some light on what
> really changed.

I suspect this error is more subtle than just your 23-4 changes,
Guenter, because of the loss of fuctionality at
Your changes may just have exposed where RedHat OSS fails with new 0.23


PS: my Keykit and playmidi programs are quite functional, so I doubt
it's related to my *specific* RH setup.
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