tpt opt at
Sat Oct 24 19:33:15 CEST 1998


hi all, a brief summary of my recent escapades in pd and gem on linux:

1: finally got a decent setup running on my redhat 5.1 notebook, also i
was able to get running Gem on this machine with the latest gem-0.77,
sincfe guenther reorganized the library checking order in configure ...
no midi here though, but that i guess got to do with my midisetup
generally ..

2: i also installed the evaluatoin version of OSS/Linux (on another
machine), the comercial sound driver package, and hey, it operates the
soundblaster awe64 in FULLDUPLEX mode, isnt that amazing? i didnt try
with any other cards though ...

3: a strange thing with gem appeared on two desktop mnachines, namely,
when after successfully compiling gem trying to start "pd -lib
$PATH_TO_GEM/Gem", nothing really happens, looks like this:

$ pd -lib /home/opt/pd/gem-0.77/Gem
Pd version 0.23
compiled Wed Oct 21 21:26:40 CEST 1998

thats all, pd doesnt even start up or anything just exits after
these two lines ..
any ideas?

jodel, oswald

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