Linux RPM depenancies

Michael Lechasseur mlecha at
Wed Nov 4 16:57:13 CET 1998

> Ok, I4m trying to be specific.

	Ok thanks! <g>  It REALLY helps!

> First of all, I am not using Redhat, so the rpm4s are not tested, and somebody 
> else already reported the failing dependency.

	What are you using?  One of the main reasons I installed Linux was to
try pd.  I don't really care what distribution I use, although RedHat
*is* downloaded and installed and working nicely on my system.

	Would I have a simular problem with the .tar.gz package?  I've managed
to get a few of those installed.

> > rpm -i --nodeps pd_0.23-5.rpm
> you should be able to use pd.

tried that.. it installs the rpm, but if queried via rpm -qlp xxxx.rpm
it replies that pdxxxxx.rpm is not installed.

If I try to start pd anyways I get:

Pd version 0.23
compiled Sun Oct 18 21:18:41 CEST 1998
port 5400
TCL_LIBRARY=/usr/tcl/library TK_LIBRARY=/usr/tk/library /usr/bin/pd-gui
5400 /usr/bin/pd-gui: error in loading shared libraries cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
> If that doesn4t work, you can compile pd yourself, which is a little bit more complicated for a newbie.

I'd give it a shot??
> But just try that now, and report any failures (or success).

Could I not just find those libraries and install them? Or is that just
as complicated as a re-compile?

> When I try to install pd via the .rpm file I get these failed
> dependencies:
> is needed by pd-0.23-5
> is needed by pd-0.23-5

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