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Wed Nov 4 13:20:55 CET 1998

> is needed by pd-0.23-5
> is needed by pd-0.23-5
> Where can I get these?  How can I install them?  Please be specific as
> this is my first day with Linux.

This message (which my Redhat Linux also had) is strange...

*every* linux distribution ships with libtcl8.0 and libtk8.0,

so it must be that the full path to the libs is different in the

Debian dist. that Guenter uses. The no-deps trick *should* work,

assuming the user will have the lib path appropriate to find

their Tcl/Tk. A src build works, but I have lost MIDI, since the

0.23 re-write.

Miller & Mark: My 5 mins.(would do more, but busy, changing jobs, bleehh...)

in gdb showed my that the port value bundled with every MIDIout request

is null when the notes are sent out,

although pd reports finding and connecting to my /dev/midi.

I'll dive in & see where it's dissappearing sometime. My system:

Redhat5.1 (glibc) / OSS drivers.

Take Care,

Char lieB

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