7 questions on pd

Johannes Michael Zmölnig madman at sbox.tu-graz.ac.at
Fri Nov 6 19:08:18 CET 1998

Guenter Geiger wrote:

> > 1.    Is it possible to use an initialization file, and does
> > it make any sense ?
> Yes, it makes sense. I´m currently implementing that for the Linux version.
> There will also path handling for pd abstractions.
> If it will be implemented in other versions depends on Miller.

Cheers Miller, will there ever be an initialization file for WinNT/95 ?>

> > 2.    Why is it not possible any longer to use a working directory
> > different from '/directory/pd/bin' in release 0.23 (although it was in
> > the earlier releases) ?
> It is possible. What, exactely is the problem ? (Error messages)

Something like "can´t find CW3215.dll", and I suppose that all other program
libraries won´t be found too (but because pd stops after this first error,
maybe we´ll never know).So I guess, pd really does not realize where it is
located itself and only works with the working-directory that is supported by

> > 6.    Do self-made abstractions eat up all the ressources ?
> >
> > (That´s just because my Pentium wouldn´t do some patches, and so did
> > IEM´s SGI!)
> >
>  Yes, it is possible to program a patch to eat all resources. But generally
> it is a bad idea to do so.

Maybe I chose the wrong word : would *abstraction* fit better ? Since I did not
want to eat up all the sources but I´m sad to report that it happened.So my
question, all in all, should have been like :

6. Is it clever to use many abstractions (to keep the "program" more
understandable) or would they use too many of the ressources (in the extreme
case !)

(That´s just because I would like my little patch to run...)(That´s just
because I´m still very sorry about my English)


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