7 questions on pd

Miller Puckette mpuckett at man104nfs.UCSD.EDU
Sat Nov 7 06:52:06 CET 1998

Hi Johannes,

Guenter having answered 1,2,6,7, I'll take a stab at:

> 3.    Is it possible to save arrays as soundfiles to disk (something
> equivalent to the READ16 message) ?
> (That4s just because I don4t want to convert saved arrays to soundfiles
> myself all the time, although I got some very beautiful and unexpected
> sounds :: in
> NOISETRACKER-format ??:?)

Sometime soon I'll deal with that one.  THere's an ASCII "write" which
you seem to know about...

> 4.    Is it possible to use more than one (stereo) IN-/OUTput, and if
> so, how ?

> (That4s just because I have 6 or so audio-out-devices and 2
> audio-in-devices on my soundcard)

Pd doesn't work that way; I'd like to be able to offer something along those
lines later but only in the case that the cards can be synced together.

> 5.    Is it possible to switch off the MIDI-devices like the audio-devs
> ?

> (That4s because I use Mark Danks4 GEM on a PC without a soundcard, and I
> feel scared every timeall those horrible error messages appear on the
> screen)

No, sorry; this would be useful and I'll stick it on my dolist.


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