pd for Linux: new release 0.23-5

Guenter Geiger guenter.geiger at psp-vie.be.philips.com
Tue Nov 10 00:29:13 CET 1998

Hi all !

I just released a new version of pd for Linux.


This version adds startup file support and enhanced path handling.
Due to the startup file I removed the possibility of setting the path
for externals via the PD_EXTERN_PATH environment variable, instead
pd now understands a new option "-path <extern_path>:<extern_path>:...",
which can be put into the startup file ("~/.pdrc").
This path is used for externals and pd abstractions alike.
The output of this feature is currently verbose,
for checking it´s functionality,  but this will disappear
in the next release.

The format of the pdrc file is very simple. Just put the options into the
one line each, instead of using them in the command line.

Additionally the segmentation fault bug in MIDI handling is fixed.

Have fun !

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