7 questions on pd

Guenter Geiger guenter.geiger at psp-vie.be.philips.com
Mon Nov 9 18:27:47 CET 1998

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> Something like "can´t find CW3215.dll", and I suppose that
> all other program
> libraries won´t be found too (but because pd stops after this
> first error,
> maybe we´ll never know).So I guess, pd really does not
> realize where it is
> located itself and only works with the working-directory that
> is supported by
> Win95.
Locating libraries is not a problem of pd, but a problem of the operating
To let Windows know where it has to look for dll´s, just set the PATH
correctly (Somewhere in autoexec I guess).
Something like:


(assuming CW3215.dll is in the PD\BIN directory)

> 6. Is it clever to use many abstractions (to keep the "program" more
> understandable) or would they use too many of the ressources
> (in the extreme
> case !)

I never tried to use abstractions to the extreme. If this is a problem for
pd depends
what the extreme case means. My guess is that it should be possible to
manage 100
abstractions without a problem, but honestly I have never tried more than


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