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Johannes Michael Zmölnig madman at sbox.tu-graz.ac.at
Wed Nov 11 12:05:30 CET 1998

Guenter Geiger wrote:

> > Something like "can´t find CW3215.dll", and I suppose that all other
> program libraries won´t be found too (but because pd stops after this first
> error, maybe > we´ll never know).So I guess, pd really does not realize
> where it is located itself and only works with the working-directory that is
> supported by Win95.
> Locating libraries is not a problem of pd, but a problem of the operating
> system. To let Windows know where it has to look for dll´s, just set the
> variable correctly (Somewhere in autoexec I guess)

> Something like: SET PATH=C:\MUSIC\PD\BIN

That sounds  great, I´ll have to try it...

> > 6. Is it clever to use many abstractions (to keep the "program" more
> understandable) or would they use too many of the ressources (in the extreme
> case !)
> I never tried to use abstractions to the extreme. If this is a problem for
> pd depends what the extreme case means. My guess is that it should be
> possible to
> manage 100 abstractions without a problem, but honestly I have never tried
> more than ten.

Since 24 is not much more than 10, the problem has to be otherwhere; maybe the
"fiddle" plug-in uses too much of the CPU capacity or 10 arrays of the
enormous size of 220500 samples each are just too much. (by the way, do flags
work on Irix ?)

Anyway, thanks for your helping me.


(never mind my English)

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