another Linux compilation problem?

william sack bsack at
Sat Nov 14 06:07:12 CET 1998

> Do a
> > make -f makefile.linux
> or copy the makefile.linux to makefile. (RTFM)
Yes, I'm very sorry. I was trying do to this late at night and after using
'make' on a couple of other programs. I just wasn't following directions,
and I'm very embarassed (as if that's any consolation).

So now I SEEM to have compiled and installed everything and yet I get this
message when starting pd:

Pd version 0.23
compiled Fri Nov 13 16:28:40 MST 1998
adding /usr/local/lib/pd/externs
port 5400
Waiting for connection request... 
TCL_LIBRARY=/usr/local/tcl/library TK_LIBRARY=/usr/local/tk/library
/usr/local/bin/pd-gui 5400 
bad host?
 The paths included in the message are 'correct,' I mean they DO point to
things that actually exist, so I wonder - what could 'bad host' refer to
in this case?

Thank you for any help!


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