minimum hardware for linux PD?

Shamus McConney mcconney at
Sat Nov 28 13:22:50 CET 1998

> I'm new to PD and I'm wondering, to run it on linux what do you need
> for it to work comfortably, i.e. what cpu, how much RAM ,etc.
> Also, is there a favorite soundcard?
I don't know much about Pd on linux since I have the advantage of having
access to a SGI box.  But I know that Miller and Mark have released
beanchmarks for the fiddle object quoting using a 300MHZ PII with NT which
might be a good starting point for your quest.

> And: is there a PD FAQ?
Yes but it is encluded in the package.  I will enclude it on my Pd page,
the url is below, if Miller dose not have an objection.  

Also Pd is designed to work best on uniprocessor macheans so take that
into consideration.

Shamus McConney

mcconney at

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