Sv: minimum hardware for linux PD?

Soeren Bovbjerg bovbjerg at
Mon Nov 30 12:00:06 CET 1998


>I'm new to PD and I'm wondering, to run it on linux what do you need
>for it to work comfortably, i.e. what cpu, how much RAM ,etc.

I am using an AMD K6-200 with 64 megs. PD runs very nicely compared to the Windows version on the same system (but any faster system will do nicely ;-) )
You should perhaps consider which desktop environment you will use, since they take up very different amounts of power/ram. I am using KDE which is one of the most powerhungry environments for Linux - and it still runs fine.

>Also, is there a favorite soundcard?
Any full duplex card will do fine (the card should also have full duplex support Linux)
Check out the sound-howto and related files for further info.

I hope this helps!

Soeren Bovbjerg

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