maximum networkedness for any PD

tpt opt at
Thu Dec 3 13:32:02 CET 1998

hu list!

> Actually I would like to see the list getting more a forum for "pd users" than
> for
> "pd linux installers".

;)) - maybe we should just rename the list? 

> So feel free to ask any question or request  which comes to your mind during pd
> usage.
> Additionally if someone has some thnigs to share with others, (externals,
> patches ...)
> we could set up a site for pd resources.


whats on my mind rihgt now isnothing new, i just want to raise it again:

- mpeg-support:
well, it would be sufficient "just" to have the sfread obj. support mp3
format and i think for decoding there's various libraries available, so
i shouldnt be too diffcult to get this running.
for encoding, i guess its a bit more hairy, but if one could parallely
to going into
dac~ pipe the signal into an mp3-net-out object, so other pd's running
on (inter)networked machines could catch the mpeg stream., wui ...
i m not sure, but i assume that for doing this, one would still need
some kind of an
mpeg-stream dispenser (i.e. a server) which could divert one stream to
various clients,
which could run external to pd ..

- pd in daemon mode.
guenther, you mentioned that idea to me a while ago .. and i still think
it would be absolutely great to be able to run pd without graphical
my hinter-thoughts in this are that i ve got a bunch of machines
available on our network, some of them without video and/or soundcards.
so if i load a patch on these running in background and sending their
output signal onto the net rather than /dev/dsp it would offer great
possibilites and almost endless
processing resources ...

so let know the pro's comments on this, maybe somebody has other ideas
to achieve the same and i d like to hear those ...

also , do you think its good to have a "central" site on which to dump
patches/externals/abstractions to share (and to start off with) (which
would raise various questions of administration and uptodateness)
compared to have different user-sites where people
just post their private sutff and get their urls on the list ...
so if there will be a central site, it should only contain sort of
tested and approved extensions and macros etc ... but anyway, somebody
would have to take care of it ..



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