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Thu Dec 3 22:34:35 CET 1998

Hi Oswald !

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> - mpeg-support:
> well, it would be sufficient "just" to have the sfread obj.
> support mp3
> format and i think for decoding there's various libraries
> available, so

The problem is, either the decoders are not free, or they perform really badly.
I still have to put some work into optimizing.
I haven´t released the sfread external yet (It definitely won't work on NT).
If someone want´s to give it a try, it's at

> mpeg-stream dispenser (i.e. a server) which could divert one stream to
> various clients,
> which could run external to pd ..

sounds really cool ... but probably too specific ....

> - pd in daemon mode.
> guenther, you mentioned that idea to me a while ago .. and i
> still think
> it would be absolutely great to be able to run pd without graphical
> interface.
> my hinter-thoughts in this are that i ve got a bunch of machines
> available on our network, some of them without video and/or
> soundcards.
> so if i load a patch on these running in background and sending their
> output signal onto the net rather than /dev/dsp it would offer great
> possibilites and almost endless
> processing resources ...

Well, that´s already possible (at least with the unix version that uses X
Just set the DISPLAY variable to the system where your display is and start the
pd´s from
the different machines.
If you don´t want the GUI, just hide it.


> just post their private sutff and get their urls on the list ...
> so if there will be a central site, it should only contain sort of
> tested and approved extensions and macros etc ... but anyway, somebody
> would have to take care of it ..

You are right. I started to make a new "pd homepage", but I´m rather
unexperienced with
HTML. So if you like to help me, you are welcome.


PS: for a start look at  (still in design
Those who have Links or other resources, feel free to send them to the list.

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