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> > - mpeg-support:
> The problem is, either the decoders are not free, or they perform really badly.
> I still have to put some work into optimizing.

so, does that mean you have already started work on implementing mpeg
code in sfrad? ;)
or do you ean optimizing sfread generally?

> > mpeg-stream dispenser (i.e. a server) which could divert one stream to
> > various clients,
> > which could run external to pd ..
> sounds really cool ... but probably too specific ....

what i mean here is:
if there would be an mp out external you could send the stream to a
specific port and if then a client connects to this port, it will be
bound and no other cleints will be able connect. so one would need
either as above an external mp-server you send the stream to or programm
an mpegserver in pd which listens on one port for rewuests and
splits each request off to any other free port ... std serving procedure
... but i wouldnt know exactly how this could be done

ok, generally, is there currently a way to get a signal transmitted over
tcpip network
(assuming sufficient bandwidth)?

> >
> Well, that´s already possible (at least with the unix version that uses X
> Windows).
> Just set the DISPLAY variable to the system where your display is and start the
> pd´s from
> the different machines.
> If you don´t want the GUI, just hide it.

yep, sure. i just thought about having a mode without ANY interface so
you might just get free some more resources, otherwise "wasted" on tk
interface ... but thats in fact just a minor point ...

> You are right. I started to make a new "pd homepage", but I´m rather
> unexperienced with
> HTML. So if you like to help me, you are welcome.
> Guenter
> PS: for a start look at  (still in design
> phase)
> Those who have Links or other resources, feel free to send them to the list.

well, i dont think it matters too much at this stage what the page looks
like and as long as you can get out a textfile and dont make typos in
the links all is fine ...
of course, still i can assist with html .. ;) -- but i think its just
good to have many 
"user" pages because any attempt at an "official" page is probably
doomed to inactivity
and out of datedness... maybe just slowly start to develop sort of a
to all the private pages (hm, theres in fact not that many at the mom.)
when we see which of them evolve in a "useful" way and stay online in a
stable manner...ö.

.., please comment (especially if you feel i m talking garbage)..
bst, os


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