maximum networkedness for any PD

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Fri Dec 4 00:43:39 CET 1998

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> hi,
> adding to the stream of ideas...
> maybe you should set up a wishlist on your pd-site... ;))
> a cool thing to have would be an external to control audio cds in the
> cdrom-drive. if you could get hold of the signal and buffer
> it in pd you
> sure would be able to do funny looping and pitchshifting and
> other abstract
> stuff (playlists?) with sources from cd.

This will be possible with sfread, but only from harddisk (or Data CD).
As I recall reading audio streams from CD needs special treatment and isn´t
by all IDE CDROM drives ...

> At 13:34 03.12.98 -0800, you wrote:
> >The problem is, either the decoders are not free, or they
> perform really
> badly.
> >I still have to put some work into optimizing.
> what about the xaudio-library? i think its free for these
> uses. also it
> provides some abstractions to write control interfaces...

To keep pd free, all the sources which are included should be free too. (See the
with the fiddle external).

the xaudio library is shareware ...

> >Those who have Links or other resources, feel free to send
> them to the list.
> i have seen this site. its more a collection of links, but
> usefull, though:

Thank you, added to my (yet to be official) web page.


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