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Mark Danks mdanks at
Thu Dec 3 17:43:49 CET 1998

  I don't know what the real numbers are either, but currently about 5
people download GEM a day.  Considering that it has been up for a couple
of years now, my guess is that a thousand people have downloaded
Pd/GEM...but I don't know how many people are actively using them.

  Also, I have always said that I would be more than willing to provide
a page for Pd/GEM resources.  If any one has anything (example patches,
demos, externals, abstractions, etc), let me know and I'll create an
area for it.

Later, Mark

-- Mark Danks
-- mdanks at

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> > btw, roughly how many pd users are there?  does anyone have an idea?
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> Hi !
> There are 75 mailing list subscribers.
> Some of them won´t do any work with pd, others who do are probably not
> subscribed.
> Actually I would like to see the list getting more a forum 
> for "pd users" than
> for
> "pd linux installers".
> So feel free to ask any question or request  which comes to 
> your mind during pd
> usage.
> Additionally if someone has some thnigs to share with others, 
> (externals,
> patches ...)
> we could set up a site for pd resources.
> Guenter

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