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Thu Dec 3 20:55:08 CET 1998

sorry i forget to mention the URL    hehe :)


On Thu, 3 Dec 1998, Mark Danks wrote:

>   I don't know what the real numbers are either, but currently about 5
> people download GEM a day.  Considering that it has been up for a couple
> of years now, my guess is that a thousand people have downloaded
> Pd/GEM...but I don't know how many people are actively using them.
>   Also, I have always said that I would be more than willing to provide
> a page for Pd/GEM resources.  If any one has anything (example patches,
> demos, externals, abstractions, etc), let me know and I'll create an
> area for it.
> Later, Mark

i published my pdlib and one gem example movie on my webserver..
(still undocumentated) 
this page is to provide pd and gem patches/libs/movies/sound only.

i think it would be more usefull if there are many automon pages
instead of only one official page... like a decentral system.
but in this case there sill a need for some coordination.

leder klaus  

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