moving Pd patchs to Max/MSP and back

Mark Danks mdanks at
Fri Dec 4 18:01:23 CET 1998

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> Subject: Re[2]: moving Pd patchs to Max/MSP and back
> >  In theory it shouldn't be too bad to do, especially since 
> the Mac has
> >OpenGL support these days.  GEM was originally created on
> >Max/FTS...although that was four years ago.
> >
> Well, in that case, is anyone aware of any pd or pd/GEM combination
> running on NeXT? and how it behaves?

  I think I should qualify my statement from above.  GEM was originally
created on a special version of Max/FTS on the SGI which we had at UCSD
(back when I was a grad student).   As soon as Pd was started, GEM moved
over.  However, the underlying concepts would still work under Max...I
don't depend too much on Pd specific items, although that is slowly
starting to change.

  In any event, I haven't heard of any NeXT development and suspect that
the CPU isn't nearly powerful enough.  Remember that Max/FTS requires
the ISPW board on the NeXT box.

Later, Mark

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