Sound Blaster 16-bit full-duplex support info from OSS-Linux

Michael Lechasseur mlecha at
Tue Dec 8 05:37:59 CET 1998

	I got some great 'straight' info about the SB 64 Gold and SB PCI128 cards
from the OSS-Linux people at so I
thought that I would pass it along in case anybody does an archive search
with the same problem sometime down the road..



16bit full duplex audio is only supported on PCI128.

We do support full duplex on the SB AWE64s but when doing full duplex,
recording and playback fall back to 8bit dma (you still can record 16bit

In the SB AWE64 the play channel is 16bit dma and the record channel is only
8bit DMA.

We recommend the SB PCI128. But if you need MIDI support, we recommend the
AWE64 since there is no onboard MIDI synth hardware on the PCI128 and you
have to resort to the SoftOSS software MIDI synth which doesn't sound as
good as the hardware based EMU8000 wavetable synth on the AWE64.

Additionally, on the SB AWE64 Gold, we do support the S/PDIF output port.

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