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hi all,

At 13:00 14.12.98 EST, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>I'd like to install GEM, now that I have pd running (sort of...).
>I don't seem to able to do that, so maybe someone will have an idea..
>I'm running LinuxPPC on an Apple machine (ppc 7200/120).
>Essentially, after having done what the readme file is saying,
>when I start pd -lib gem , the app is looking for a
>(shared library?) gem.pd_linux.
>I figure, I should compile it myself but nothing wants to even
>start compiling...

just quoting from earlier list-postings...


> This question may be an old one, but......
> How do I make GEM work in Linux???
> Do I have to 'make' anything
> I have downloaded version 0.77-1 and untar'ed it into /pd/gem/
> What now?

first you should check if you ve got all the libraries needed (Mesa,
gltt, freetype, td, ...), if not install them or build them in
after that cd to pd/gem/src/Gnu, ./configure, make ....

i put the compiled Gem.pd-linux i think in /usr/lib/pd/externs and it
loads fine
with an "-lib Gem" entry in my .pdrc file ...


If you like to build Gem, it is necessary that all the libraries Gem
depends on

libMesaGl and libMesaGLU (or libGL and libGLU)

... and others which are more common like


The configure script checks for them and reports back if it can´t find them


in general:

i think it would be cool to set up a FAQ for pd/gem to avoid redundancy in
questions/answers. i'd like to do that (in fact i started out with
collecting relevant questions and answers from the list) but i think i do
not have the right technical competence... please tell me if you like the
idea and if you'd like to participate.
or, in opposite, it would be cool to have a user-maintained-FAQ like there
is for MkLinux.

at least there should be digests of the list available online...

and, uh, by the way, is it possible to set a "reply-to" adress for the
list? i shure sent 50% of my replies accidetially to the senders instead of
the list...

>Also, is there a plan for an external to read from a CD???

you might want to have a look at project dynamic by matt flax:

its a realtime-cd-rom manipulation tool. does things like loop, pitch shift
and playing backwards with directly reading digital data into the CPU.
the libs contained with this software are free to use. since i'm not a
programmer i'd like to convince some competent person to have a look at
this stuff and see if it could be detached from its GUI and incorporated
into an external for pd.

best, gert

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