Duplex audio success

Fri Jan 8 18:26:35 CET 1999

Hi all,

Since last wekk I'm a co-owner of a ThinkPad i1410.
Of course getting pd running was my priority, especialy
since I could do nothing with it on the linux side of my

I failed to install ALSA drivers.  I might get to it sometimes.
Eventually I downloded OSS, installed successfuly but...
No audio input.

So today, I decided to check the card settings under windoze, took
the notes and re-installed OSS but configured the card manually
using the settings from windoze.

Then I start audio, then pd (which didn't complain about
dacs dying) plugged my guitar, plugged headphones, made the simplest
patch (adc~-->dac~), plucked the strings and got sound!

Hope this info will prove useful to anyone who's still
struggling with his/her full-duplex nightmare.

Time to start building some patches.

I'm running RedHat 5.2 on an IBM ThinkPad i1410, 32M RAM
with the Yamaha OPL3-SA3 sound card.

.... if only i could get the modem working .....


| Michal Seta
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