Pd on Linux - new version

Michael Lechasseur mlecha at music.mcgill.ca
Mon Jan 11 15:25:54 CET 1999

Hi Guenter,

    Thanks for the update.

>Changes are:
>  - slightly different handling of sound input. This makes full duplex work
>    Soundblaster PCI128 (at least with the sound drivers from kernel

    Could you elaborate on that?

    Which drivers come with the 2.1.xxx?  I will d/l and compile the latest
2.1.xxx, but should I use oss-free, oss-linux, or ALSA?

    I got perfect audio in, then out, using kernel 2.0.36 with oss-linux,
but full-duplex had some problems.  Using the "start-here" example the
numbers of the audio in where changing once every 2 seconds, while the audio
out made looping crackling noise.  The hard drive sounded like it was being
accessed every half second or so.

    I'll try the kernel that you suggested and see what happens.  What
driver do you recommend with 2.1.xxx?  oss-free, oss-linux, or ALSA?


    Michael Lechasseur

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