Tue Jan 12 08:24:03 CET 1999

>>If you really have something to say here, please adjust your character set ...
>a.bon.l!zt pol!sz.  m     !     a     u
>= undrztood = uz + <
>>If you really have something to say here, please adjust your character set ...
>phpz please Guenter Geiger should pozt dzat !n dze pd vlkom msg jas +?
>!f d!ezez l!zt = engl!sch _||- onl! should please majk !t kl!ar
>!n dze `vlkom msg` tzo dzat
>l!f 4rmz who != preokup!ed w!th propagat!on ov unvntfl mattr
>kan z!mpl! please ovrlook ou!.

oups ....I think I see something coming our way :)

>cast an integer to symbol : :  _|=~ ment!ond 1 zort ov prblm.
>tzo. pardon. jetzt shall relokate 2 t!p!kl =cw4t7abs rout!n wh!ch m zerta!n
>= shall enjo!++

=cw4t7abs toutine surely is enjoyable
might require a little adjustment, though...

I know I'm not dreaming.  I've got full duplex :))
However, when I send a noteout pd decides to quit without warning.
Not that I have some MIDI gear attached to the computer.
I just wanted to see what's gonna happen.  I did.

On the subject of MIDI.
Since I'm a fairly new to the intel world, can anyone tell me
which port a midi interface is using?
2)  how would I configure my linux box to talk with such interface
a) through some mysterious connection between the sound card and
said port, b) manually in /dev/something.

3) anyone aware of possibility of hacking a serial cable
to adapt to my serial port in my pc and possibly using
a serial MIDI interface.

And on another note (pd)
As I started finally playing with pd a little more seriously
I found that it'd be cool to have some documentation polished
up and updated.  I even started doing a little HTML version of it.
It's just a beginning but I'm willing to continue if there
are chances someone will find it useful.  Now or in the future.
Any pros,cons?  Hints and ideas are more than welcome.



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