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Guenter Geiger guenter.geiger at
Tue Jan 12 18:38:25 CET 1999

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> From: Miller Puckette [mailto:mpuckett at man104nfs.UCSD.EDU]

> result in
> under "newer sources, not yet released."  I haven't tried
> Guenter's table
> code yet...  I did notice on compiling for Linux that the new
> s_linux.c
> is  _way_ better than the old one on my machine.

The table code is basically just another approach to the "fancy array" naming.
What I would like to see there are actually array´s without names ...

> I didn't adopt 3 changes that Guenter had made:  first the
> fancier "array"
> naming which really should be done be adding a dialog window
> (ok, ok, I
> know I should have put in some dialog windows a year ago at
> least!) and

Not so important for people who write their patches in text editors :)

> 1- and 4-line changes to dbtopow and, which I
> couldn't understand.

dbtopow changes were necessary on the Alpha, otherwise they would cause
a floating point exception (but not sure about that anymore). was just a keybinding thing, because I thought Ctrl+ and Ctrl- are bad
shortcuts on german keyboards :)

> I don't know enough about Linux to presume to make a real
> linux release, but
> I'll try now to keep my "latest" sources available to make it
> easier to
> keep in sync.

Well, makes me sleep a little better, because I already started to forget where
why I changed things.


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