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Wed Jan 13 04:19:18 CET 1999


Im trying to run gemVideoPaint.pd on Windows98
(so my Video Capture board has not NT driver)
But gemVideoPaint is not work.
So give me some suggestion, please.

1. Other Windows base capture programs are working correctly.
2. Video format of driver is set to 320(w) * 240(h) * 24bit color.
3. I set parameter of gemVideoPaint.pd
	[dimen] for [pix video] object as [dimen 320 240].

In this condition.
Status of pd was:
	>pd: x:320, y:240, c:24
	>pd: bingo
	>pd: GEM: pix_video: Unable to set video format

So I changed source file "pix_videoNT.cpp" as follow as

line 47:
   // Connect to the daemon
	m_hWndC = capCreateCaptureWindow (
		(LPSTR) "GEM video",	// window name if pop-up 
		0,						// window style (not visible)
		0, 0, 320, 240,         // (org128, 128) window position and dimensions
		hWnd, 0);

line 100:
	videoFormat->bmiHeader.biWidth = 320;	//org 128;
	videoFormat->bmiHeader.biHeight = 240;	//org 128;

and I tried it same condition on new "gem.dll"
Status of pd was:
	>pd: x:320, y:240, c:24
	>pd: bingo
	>pd: GEM: pix_video: Opened video connection

click object of "gemVideoPaint.pd"
[buffer 1], [dimen 400 400],[dimen 320 240], [offset 200 200], [create]
Status of pd at this time
	>pd: GEM: window created
and [bang] for clear the screen is working.
at last I click [1] (turn on rendering)
Status of pd is:
	>pd: yeah
	>pd: done
	>pd: year
	>pd: done .........repeat about 10 times
At this time there is nothing on GEM winodws
and few second later Computer is hung up.
I must to Reboot.

What should I do?

Toshinori Ohkouchi
tohk at

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