full-duplex success

Michael Lechasseur mlecha at music.mcgill.ca
Wed Jan 13 05:41:50 CET 1999


    Since I've posted so many messages on the subject I just wanted to
report that I finally got my Sound Blaster PCI128 to work in full-duplex
mode in pd.

    I used: the latest version of pd 0.23-7, the 2.1.132 kernel with the
es1370 sound driver that comes with the 2.1.132 kernel.

    Actually, Guenter gave me his patched version of the driver, which turns
off the monitor "feature" of the card.  But the driver that comes with
2.1.132 works if you want to test it.

    Thanks to all that have given me advice on the subject, and especially
to Guenter for the code.

    Michael Lechasseur

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