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Guenter Geiger guenter.geiger at psp-vie.be.philips.com
Thu Jan 14 04:32:27 CET 1999

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> Now,
> I know I'm not dreaming.  I've got full duplex :))
> However, when I send a noteout pd decides to quit without warning.
> Not that I have some MIDI gear attached to the computer.
> I just wanted to see what's gonna happen.  I did.

Hmm .. Not too long ago MIDI really did not work, but I hoped I had fixed
this problem. Is your MIDI port detected in the startup messages ?

> On the subject of MIDI.
> 3) anyone aware of possibility of hacking a serial cable
> to adapt to my serial port in my pc and possibly using
> a serial MIDI interface.

I´ve hear rumours about a serial midi driver ..

> And on another note (pd)
> As I started finally playing with pd a little more seriously
> I found that it'd be cool to have some documentation polished
> up and updated.  I even started doing a little HTML version of it.
> It's just a beginning but I'm willing to continue if there
> are chances someone will find it useful.  Now or in the future.
> Any pros,cons?  Hints and ideas are more than welcome.

Yes, I think everybody will find that useful ...
There are a lot of documentation tasks to be done.
- The reference needs a hand (It would be great if we had the Max Alt-click
of reference. This should not be too hard to implement.)
- Of course the general manual is lacking a lot of information.
- An external programming guide would be useful too.
- Tutorials ...
- Those people doing documentation need feedback  ..

A lot of that is already there, but it´s probably still not enough for
newbies to even get the small picture.

And, of course we have to avoid duplication of effort, so the best thing would
be if
Kerry told us what he plans to do and where we (you :)) can help.

Ah .. and if you put your HTML pages online let us know ...


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