gem 0.78 out

Mark Danks mdanks at
Wed Jan 20 17:49:13 CET 1999

  A new version of gem is out.  There are a couple of minor changes
(read: bug fixes) and only one new object... pix_data.   Basically, it
allows you to get pixel information from a pix stream.  There are a few
example patches to demonstrate it.  If you have ever seen the Paint
Alchemy plug-in by Xaos Tools, then you will know what some of the
possibilities are.

  The version is only for WinNT.  I am expecting another release early
next week which will hopefully include particle systems.  I will wait
for the SGI version until then.

  If you have any requests or bugs, now is the time to let me know...

Later, Mark

-- Mark Danks
-- mdanks at

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