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Thu Jan 28 14:46:59 CET 1999

Miller Puckette wrote:
> >apparently pd uses tcp sockets for n-s/r and max uses udp.
> it would be a big step "forward" if you could specify and use both
> protocols on both sides (or at least the same ones ;)
> I think it's a great idea to extend netsend/netreceive to offer udp
> as well as tcp connections.  I'll probably try to add that capability
> as part of a netsend/netreceive rewrite I have to do in the next 2 weeks or
> so...

;) - top.

> After the basic connection is worked out, there's still the question of getting
> netsend/netreceive and the Max objects to format the data the same way.  Do
> teh Max networking objects come with the Max release?

jes, but we can't try out anything of course before the basic connect
works. and then i might be able to fiddle with the formatting part of
the code, or do i underestimate the effort?
unfortunately the netsend/receive objects to not come with standad max
release ...
maybe you can talk to suzuki-san (the author) directly about sources for
the max-ns/r and any formatting stuff, i ll forward the subject ...

ok, few more things connected to the same matter:
still, how about sending signals over the net? uncompressed at first
(LAN application), and furthermore, guenther, any news on the mp3 stuff?
i also talked to chris penrose about a week ago, he said he was working
on some sort of
mpeg objects for max, and since it takes far less crunch to
realtime, he's using layer-2 for this. maybe this/he can
help(s) ...
still i think it would be great to have a "wc" object in pd.
this too only works in max at moment, its a chatlike protokoll and very
useful to dispense/broadcast the same information over the net to many
clients ... there is a server and a VERY simple cl.client for unix/linux
but i do not feel too confident about converting all the mac related
network-shit involved in this object to unix side ...

please, any thoughts welcome ...

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