more questions & request

Michal Seta mis at
Thu Jan 28 07:03:47 CET 1999

Hi all.

First I have a question which probably classifies as `Basic Linux`.
Tried to compile the AuxLibs in the gem directory and got an error as to
the fact that `GL/gl.h` and `GL/glu.h` couldn`t be found while I know that
in my includes directory they exist.  Any insight?

Second question: how do you get to rename arrays?

Then, I like the new interface (at least in linux,haven`t tried the SGI
yet) in the 0.24.

And a request:
How about making objects resizable?

And of course the compiling questions that I`m asking are intel linux
related.  I lost hope for good sound on Mac linux.

Thanks and good night.

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     ......   Michal Seta  ......
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