problem compiling externs in NT 4.0

Mark Danks mdanks at
Fri Jan 29 19:55:38 CET 1999

Hi Miller,

  We are using VC6.0 at work and there are a number of nicer features in
it.  One of the primary ones is function name completion with arguments.
However, all of the real improvements that we have seen are in the IDE,
not in the compiler.  I believe that the compiled code is better in
VC6.0, but you should make sure to get service pack 2.  I've heard that
the floating point is better in general, but we haven't run any serious

Later, Mark

-- Mark Danks
-- mdanks at

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> From: Miller Puckette [mailto:mpuckett at man104nfs.UCSD.EDU]
> Subject: problem compiling externs in NT 4.0
> This note is relevant only to Windows users:
> I've discovered that to compile externs in Pd-0.24, you need 
> Visual C++
> version 6.0.  I just tried to compile one using 5.0 and got:
> \ftp\pd\bin\pd.lib : fatal error LNK1106: invalid file or 
> disk full: cannot seek to 0x36ad647c
> You can still compile using the includes and libs from 
> pd-0.23 and use the
> extern in 0.24; alternatively you can upgrade to VC 6.0 and compile
> with the new Pd (I _think_ .. haven't tested this carefully.)
> Is this a problem for anyone?
> Is there any reason I shouldn't go back to using VC 5.0 for 
> building Pd
> releases for NT?  (does 6.0 generate faster code to anyone's 
> knowledge?)

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