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Sat Jan 30 22:41:02 CET 1999

=cw4t7abs wrote:
> korporat zponzord leash

Pardon my english:

^ != 100% accurate. ~= accurate perhaps.

Humanz requ!re food, shelter, and Macintosh computers.

Difficult to obtain without conspiring with profit-driven capitalist
corporations, esp. Macintosh computers. But I try. Don't work for
profit-driven corporations. Don't work for academic conglomeratz. Try
not to. I have in dze past but felt sad. Must work though, otherwise too
hungry and cold. Try to work for companions. Leash is attached to
stomach. Don't want to be a farmer. Don't know how to make sand into
Macintosh computers. Have desires. Desire not to be sad.

Desire to util!z Max and video. Desire to learn. Desire to share data
with companions. David Rokeby = companion, can share data but requ!rz
food, shelter, and Macintosh computers. Canada Council will supply.
Leash is long. Few commands.

Try not to be hypocrite.
Try many things.

InterAccess != profit-driven capitalist corporation.
InterAccess ~= 100 companions requ!ring Macintosh computers.
Canada Council != profit-driven capitalist corporation.
Canada Council ~= annex portions of corporations, distribute to
companions. Leash is long. Few commands.

Not perfect mais > 0. Still sad. Not free. Many desires. Zucks.

Pardon my english.
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