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Thu Feb 4 18:13:54 CET 1999

Unluckily the SoundBlaster Live isn´t supported under Linux.
There have been rumours that Creative is willing to support Linux, but
they haven´t given out the specifications for the card yet.

Despite that fact that you won´t have any sound, MIDI I/O pd should run without
sound support, and display the message "dacs died ... switching to alternate
at startup.

I currently use a SB/PCI128 as full duplex card, despite that fact that the SNR
rather bad. For high quality audio I would use a card from Turtle Beach´s
Multisound/Pinnacle series.


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> 	Is anyone using a Soundblaster Live card under Linux
> with PD?  I just
> installed Redhat 5.2 Linux and found out there isn't a driver for my
> Soundblaster Live card.  Will any of the drivers for other
> Soundblaster
> cards work?
> 	I've installed PD 0.24 but haven't been able to run it
> yet.  Anything I
> should watch out for, considering I don't have a sound card set up?
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