pd and clock cycles

Michal Seta mis at music.mcgill.ca
Thu Feb 4 20:18:41 CET 1999

Hi all,

Funny thing I noticed.

When I run pd with the default settings (-r 44100 -ada) no gem
(still.....) it eats up about 50% of the cpu cycles.  Just when it's idle,
no patches open, audio off.

In the case of the same sampling rate but running in -dac mode it takes
about 1% when having something like one osc~.

I can run it fine in the -ada mode at -r 22050.  Even a complex patch
doesn't take much cpu (well, within reason).

Any ideas about this behaviour?

IBM i1440 thinpad
Yamaha OPL3 sound card.
RedHat 5.2

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     ......   Michal Seta  ......
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