problems starting pd

Guenter Geiger guenter.geiger at
Fri Feb 5 20:43:04 CET 1999

Hi !

You seem to have problems with your network setup.

First try

> ping localhost

This should show you how the connection to your localhost is working.
If this is not working, your network loopback device is misconfigured.

After doing

> /sbin/ifconfig

You should see a line like

lo     Link encap: Local Loopback

If it isn´t there, your loopback device isn´t configured at all.
Pd connects its User interface and server through TCP/IP. You need a working
loopback device if you want to run Pd.

You could also look into /etc/hosts, where there should be an entry like:      localhost

And last but not least, the command

> /sbin/route

should show you something like:

Destination        Gateway          Genmask
localnet            *         ....

unfortunately I am not using Redhat, so someone more familiar with the Redhat
can probably give you more information what is going wrong.
If, for example, "ping localhost" doesn´t work, you might ask on a Rehat list
what is
going wrong.

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> Subject: problems starting pd
> 	I just installed PD 0.24 under Redhat Linux 5.2 on a
> Pentium 333.  I'm
> running KDE for a window manager.
> When I try to run PD I get the message:
> Connecting stream socket: network is unreachable 101
> Then nothing.  I hit Ctrl-C to get back to the bash prompt.
> I'm relatively
> green to Linux.  What do I need to do?
> Thanks,
> Elliot Anderson
> Elliot Anderson
> Adjunct Professor, Electronic Media,
> Art Department
> University of California, Santa Cruz
> - Mon Feb  8 12:00:26 1999
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> From: Michal Seta [mailto:mis at]
> Hi all,
> Funny thing I noticed.
> When I run pd with the default settings (-r 44100 -ada) no gem
> (still.....) it eats up about 50% of the cpu cycles.  Just
> when it's idle,
> no patches open, audio off.

What kind of sounddriver do you have installed ?
I guess you use the commercial OSS driver. Unluckily full duplex doesn´t
work with the commercial version. (Although the API is fully compatible to the
free version :).
 .. and it really makes me wonder where it burns up the CPU cycles.

> In the case of the same sampling rate but running in -dac
> mode it takes
> about 1% when having something like one osc~.
> I can run it fine in the -ada mode at -r 22050.  Even a complex patch
> doesn't take much cpu (well, within reason).
> Any ideas about this behaviour?

Maybe the sounddriver has problems with the fragment size and fragment number .
(Note, this is an internal detail of a sounddriver)

There are two hidden command flags for pd, with which you can exeriment.

-frags <num>
-fragsize <num>

the parameter to -frags normally is the same as the "advance" which is displayed
during startup.
fragsize is set to 8 by default (this makes up 64 audio samples).

Try to set the fragsize to 9,10 or even 11, and look what happens
> pd -fragsize 10


PS: if you have problems compiling Gem, just send my the output of
compile and make, then I can try to figure out what is going on there.

> Gear:
> IBM i1440 thinpad
> 266MMX
> Yamaha OPL3 sound card.
> OSS.

which OSS ? free : commercial;

> RedHat 5.2
> Thanks
> .....                            ....
>      ......   Michal Seta  ......
> .....                            ....

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