pd and clock cycles

Michal Seta mis at music.mcgill.ca
Sat Feb 6 01:15:30 CET 1999

On Fri, 5 Feb 1999, Guenter Geiger wrote:

|> When I run pd with the default settings (-r 44100 -ada) no gem
|> (still.....) it eats up about 50% of the cpu cycles.  Just
|> when it's idle,
|> no patches open, audio off.
|What kind of sounddriver do you have installed ?
|I guess you use the commercial OSS driver. Unluckily full duplex doesn´t
|work with the commercial version. (Although the API is fully compatible to the
|free version :).
| .. and it really makes me wonder where it burns up the CPU cycles.

I actually am using the commercial OSS driver and it does work in full
duplex...  What am I doing wrong ? :))

|There are two hidden command flags for pd, with which you can exeriment.
|-frags <num>
|-fragsize <num>

I'll try that, thanks.

|PS: if you have problems compiling Gem, just send my the output of
|compile and make, then I can try to figure out what is going on there.

I'll do that.  Thanks.

|> Gear:
|> IBM i1440 thinpad
|> 266MMX
|> Yamaha OPL3 sound card.
|> OSS.
|which OSS ? free : commercial;


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