shot self in foot

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at
Sun Feb 21 16:41:50 CET 1999

Miller Puckette writes:
 > Hi Pd-ers,
 > For you non native English speakers, shooting yourself in the foot is
 > a methaphor, meaning that you pulled the trigger on your pistol
 > before you took it out of the holster.  Here's how I just shot mine:
 > NT Versions of Pd through 0.23 have a file, pd.dll, which "externs" link
 > into.  In version 0.24 I renamed this "pdlib.dll" to avoid confusing the
 > Gates debugger.  However, I just realized this morning that this change
 > BREAKS ALL EXTERNS.  The only people I know of who are impacted are myself
 > and Mark Danks but there may well be others. 
 > I'm busy now trying to put out a release 0.25 mainly to fix problems in the
 > 0.24 release...  Should I leave "pdlib" the way it is in 0.24?

On our pd-0.24 NT the lib is named pd.dll. and as a really visually
Visual-C++ must-Newcomer couldnt compile a external on it...

maybe so should we rename the pd.dll to pdlib.dll ?

Besides is there an up or downsampling object, I couldnt find up~ and

mfg winfried

PS.: I have hacked pd on NT to do multichannel on synched in and outs, 
adding two commandline options -audioins <n>, -audioouts <n>
(working on a PII, with RME-Card (ADAT-I/O)) which works.
(see )
	in fact only in src:
     - s_nt.c, -> see wini-comments
	  - s_main.c -> for options -audioouts <n>, -audioins <n> 
     - m_imp.h -> max channels to 8
   are modified

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