Pd 0.25 pre-release

Michael A. Thompson mat0001 at jove.acs.unt.edu
Mon Feb 22 19:33:14 CET 1999

Miller Puckette wrote:
> HI all,
> in the 0.25 pre-release (NT only!) the "-adc" flag has been renamed
> "-nodac" and the "-dac" is now "noadc,", contrary to the usage message
> that "pd -help" outputs.
dont have an NT box.... although Im not complaining. :-)

> On SGI I've only compiled Pd for "o32" so far (my SGI machine is 5 years old!)
> and would like someday to put out an "n32" version which would run quite
> a bit faster.  I would suggest leaving "pd-gui" in o32 so that it works with
> TK, and only compiling "pd" itself with n32.  The two only communicate via
> sockets and there's no need for them both to be n32.
unless tk is faster in n32 as well...

On SGI's freeware archive site tcl/tk8.0.x is compiled n32 for IRIX 6.2
and up. Does pd-gui change tcl/tk in anyway?

I wish I had access to the MipsPro 7.2 compilers on a Irix 6.5 (for the
new audio lib with suupport for the adat card) machine then I would do
it. My machine at home is using gcc2.8.1 that does n32, prob not much
faster (if at all) than o32 with mipspro....

BTW-- anybody ran pd - gem on the new NT SGI's?


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