NT, Soundblaster and Me.

Damon Seeley dseeley at ucla.edu
Thu Feb 25 04:31:54 CET 1999

Hello there.  I'm a student in the UCLA Design department and am trying to
incorporate voice and tonal input to a real-time 3D environment and am
having some trouble getting PD to operate under NT.

I have installed PD .24 on a machine with a Soundblaster AWE64 card and
have gotten MIDI to work just fine, but when I start PD I get a message
that says "error: dacs died: switching to another timing device"  I have
looked at the device list but I don't understand how to alter settings, etc.

Also, I am wondering if anyone has experience using PD with a Soundblaster
LIVE card: PD crashed on me everytime when I installed one but I wonder if
there are config modifications that can be made to PD or the SB drivers to
avoid this.  I am not a programmer, and I only understand the wonderful
world of NT to a limited degree, but I will try anything you can think up.

damon seeley

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