Sound input, MIDI reset Problems

Damon Seeley dseeley at
Tue Mar 2 07:14:44 CET 1999

I am still trying to get PD to work on this machine here at UCLA and
have made some progress; PD runs repeatedly and doesn't "bluescreen" NT
anymore.  Now I can get MIDI out the first time I run PD, but each time
I load an object or PD itself thereafter I get "midiOutOpen: The
specified device is already in use. Wait until it is free..." and a
similar messsage for midiInOpen

Also, when I go to "Test Audio and Midi" in help I can get MIDI to
output (the first time) but never any audio.  The SoundBlaster Live card
seems to be healthy and PD -listdev yields good looking references to
the SB as in and out devices.

Any ideas, anyone.  I'd kill to get this to work.


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