Sound input, MIDI reset Problems

Miller Puckette mpuckett at man104nfs.UCSD.EDU
Tue Mar 2 19:30:49 CET 1999

Hi Damon,

I've had similar problems with MIDI on NT.  Apparently, when Pd exits
"abnormally" (i.e. when it crashes or when you stop it with a control-C)
some drivers fail to notice this and to close the MIDI ports.  It's all
the more frustrating because all the MIDI-relevant functions in NT require
you to open the port first; so there's no way even to write a program to
clean up the mess (and I've tried.)

I've also got audio problems on one NT machine; I seem to be able to
address one audio device but not the second one on my machine.  Yes, the
offending card is a soundblaster.

I've actually _never_ got reliable MIDI output from a soundblaster, come to
think of it.   Have any other PD-ers?


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