netreceive, r and ;

oswald berthold opt at
Wed Mar 10 01:10:05 CET 1999

On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Norbert Math wrote:

the applet sounds very interesting. sort of what i also want to do,
although i was thinking more about "demonlike" programs, rather than
anyhow, maybe a generalized java class for sending and receiving with
netsend/netzreceive.pd ..? blink.

i m  using one of the netexample java files, which just opens a socket
on a specified port and then write from into it.
i ll try what happens when i explicitly append a \n to the output ...

and, the other way round (sending stuff from pd to a java listener) works
iwthout a quirk. so far.

let know when your applet is  ready for public.


->At the moment i am writing a java applet which communicates to the 
->netsend object of pd. I do this by sending a string like "foo 123;" 
->which is followed by a newline and it works fine. Pd does not expect any
->"weird" control character, and it always drops an EOF message when the 
->connection fails.
->There might be an interference if you connect with a "netreceive" object 
->on the same port.
->What echoclient are you using?
->If anybody is interested in my little project: My intention is to 
->build an applet which makes it possible to control pd from 
->any webbrowser
->I will publish my efforts in a couple of days, as soon as it 
->gets stable ...

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