Guenter Geiger guenter.geiger at psp-vie.be.philips.com
Thu Mar 18 10:37:51 CET 1999

Hi Klaus, Miller

I didn´t have too much time to deal with version 0.25. From my point of
view the table object did somehow drop into pd, although it is still
not really finished. (people asking for it prooves it´s usefulness though)
Miller, how long will 0.25 be in test phase ?
I want to enhance the table so that it is possible to send messages via
direct connections (message inlet). I just yet have to figure out how to do
them for the "page style object"

About the problem of Klaus:

As pd-0.25 for Linux is not ready yet, I tried your case on NT, and couldn´t
reproduce it.

So, I think there are probably problems with abstractions on SGI in general,
or you did something wrong.  You can send me your test patch.

I don´t think that it is a table problem, because the implementation of table is
really very simple and straight forward.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: klaus voltmer [mailto:klaus at wonk.speech.kth.se]
> hi miller
> i'm testing the Pd 0.25 version on irix...
> i've some problems concerning the table objekt:
> if i make an abstraction with an objekt: table $1 the
> array-name will be set in
> the right way.... but only once.
> if i call a second abstraction the name of the array doesn't
> change. :-/
> (name will be same as in the first abstraction)
> in the linux (alpha) version it works fine.
> it tried to compile the Pd 0.25 on alpha with the old
> makefile.linux but failed..
> ....maybe some code from guenter missing?
> klaus

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