abstractions, and table

guenter geiger geiger at epy.co.at
Fri Mar 19 18:18:14 CET 1999

Hi Klaus ..

Found out that the problem with the table object and abstraction
is related to the usage of abstractions.

You have to create the table object with "table $1" before using the
subpatch and giving it the  name of the table as parameter. 
Otherwise the name of the array in the table will be saved together
with the subpatch, therefore always displaying the name you saved
it with.

Step by step:
1) Open a new window, place a "table $1" into it.
2) Save the window as, say abst.pd
3) Open a new window and "abst test1", "abst test2" will give you
subpatches with the correct naming.

now if you start editing in the subpatch and save your changes to abst.pd, 
the array name will be saved with the patch ... really bad.

To edit the subpatch You *have* to open it as a single window (with the
normal open) and not edit it when used as a subpatch.
Hope this makes the situation a little bit clearer ... 

Now I may start thinking about how this problem could be solved ..


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