Christian Guirreri cguirrer at runet.edu
Mon Mar 22 17:20:33 CET 1999

My name is Christian Guirreri (avid Max user).  I'm a Music Technology
major at Radford University and have been on the list for a while - used pd
somewhat successfully on a PC about a year ago, and just recently have
found the time to get back into it again.  
Anyway, I can't seem to get Waveout to work - loading it normally it
doesn't find any errors, but I have no sound.  When I choose the desired
port manually through command prompt and use verbose, I get the mmsystem
error (ie - waveOutOpen: MMSYSTEM004 The specified device is already in
use. Wait until it is free, and then try again.), which means pd itself is
probably choosing a port I can't really use feasibly when I load it without
the command line settings (I have a virtual audio device loopback installed
that to pd probably appears to be an open port).
Just curious if others have had this problem.  I understand that pd on PC
(esp Win9x) is rather buggy, and I don't want to take your time away from
real development on more stable platforms.  It really did work about a year
ago though.
I'm using pd0.24 on Win98 with an AWE64, PII-266, 128MB ram, and
driver-wise, have Waveout, Reality wave driver, and 4 virtual audio cables.

Also, I was pleased to see some of the examples at the GEM webpage.  Just
wondering if anyone is holding an archive of performances and works for
download as examples of pd's power.

Christian Guirreri
cguirrer at runet.edu
Music Technologist - Radford University

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