gem 0.79 for Linux

Mark Danks mdanks at
Mon Mar 22 17:27:48 CET 1999

  I might have forgotten to get rid of an old test patch.  Make sure
that you are running gem_particle/gem1.simple.pd  The objects
"particle", "partatom", and "partfount" should have gone away (and if
they didn't, they will in gem0.80)

  I have never been able to test the particle stuff on an SGI or Linux
box.  All that I know is that GEM starts up on an SGI box...I don't have
physical access to one.  I haven't had time to get my Linux box up at
home yet either, which will make things alot better.

  I can come up with a few more example patches and blast them to you...

Later, Mark

-- Mark Danks
-- mdanks at

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> From: Guenter Geiger [mailto:guenter.geiger at]
> Sent: Monday, March 22, 1999 5:40 AM
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> Subject: gem 0.79 for Linux
> Hi again !
> No, unfortunately this is not a release announcment, but 
> rather a question for
> Mark.
> I have compiled and built gem-0.79 on linux and folded in the 
> changes for the
> gemmouse
> object under Linux (and SGI).
> The only problem I have with 0.79 is, that the particle test 
> patch is not
> working.
> Now, I don´t have any idea of the API or something else of 
> the particle system.
> Do you have other patches which test the particle system ?
> BTW. the test program provided by the particle library works ....
> Guenter

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