experimental: communication to pd via java

Norbert Math math at radawana.at
Wed Mar 24 20:31:42 CET 1999


i have written a small java app that communicates to pd 
over the net. You can see it at http://elmupc01.mhsg.ac.at/pdremote

The code is at http://elmupc01.ac.at/pdremote/pdremote.tar
(Sorry win-users: tar only, but winzip can handle it)

Maybe somebody finds it useful. There is still much to do, e.g.
make a nicer graphical interface. 

My intention is to make a webcast station which can be controlled 
by the users. I would like to be able to send mp3 audio streams  
from pd. Does anybody know about an mp3 encoder/decoder external ?


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