FW: Audio drivers again?

Miller Puckette mpuckett at man104nfs.UCSD.EDU
Thu Mar 25 20:12:28 CET 1999

HI all, 

Well, I can now report that after a couple of weeks of trying, I still
haven't been able to get either OSS or ALSA (0.2 or 0.3) to run reliably
with my "opl3sa3" sound hardware.  I'm going to try one more thing (using
ALSA's native mode) today, but I don't really expect it will change much.

To answer some of Guenter's specific questions:

OSS (at least as it's delivered in RedHat 5.2) doesn't work in full
duplex with my opl3sa3 card.

My high noise floor problem in OSS didn't go away when I tried switching
DMA channels.  Guenter's remarks that both channels are 8 bit conflicts
with comments in the INSTALL documentation for the ALSA distribution, but
anyway switching the channels didn't help.

In ALSA 0.2 I got a 25 dB noise floor, roughly the same as in NT, and in
0.3 I got 40 dB in the left channel, 25 in the right.

I confirmed Guenter's finding that ALSA's OSS emulation doesn't provide
full duplex.

I think the next step should be for me to change teh audio hardware, but I
can't do this before mid April.  So I now plan to put out another "test
release" in case any of the rest of you are curious to see how is works
on other cards...


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