Fast Test pd.025TEST4.tar.gz

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at
Sat Mar 27 14:21:18 CET 1999


I had downloaded and unpacked,
made a directory /home/msp/pd ;-) (PREFIXPATH was that)

and testet pd-oss with pvoc.pd and it worked without clicks even
moving windows:
		  Pentium II -233 MHz, Debian Linux 2.1, Kernel 2.0.36
        OSS-free driver using isapnp to initialize
        I didnt test MIDI on my office computer

top shows always 95% CPU even no patch is open. Loadmeter says 204,

but when I set pd-oss to suid root (in linux use suidregister)
then my system deadlocks I have to reboot:

I will examine this more at home...

mfg winfried

Your noisefloor does it sound like open Input constant hiss or 
digital noise (brizzeln). 

I dont know your card but, a common problem is that the mixer does not
work correctly so that, one input is mixed to the output. Test this
with putting your finger on the hot part of the inputs and hear if you
there is a sort of hum. 
There are also inputs on the card directly for the CD-Players or
tuners, even the FM-Synth-Chip can make a lot of noise.


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